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Mobile App vs Website


How do you decide whether  your requirement is a mobile app or a website or mobile website? Here ReelSlug puts its thought on the mobile app as well as the website.

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The world today is connected by digital wires and is kept informed about anything and everything with a single tap anywhere and everywhere. Gone are the days when people satisfied themselves with what they received, today they demand better rather best and anything that is less is dumped. The debate of whether mobile apps are more preferable than a website is being carried out since past few years. The no. of apps available are numerous and website in plenty in such situations it is very difficult to judge which one is more successful. The debate has led the startup and new product launch retailers in confusion as to which one would reach the target audience leading to the success of the brand.

But lets face it, today people no longer prefer browsing on their laptops or their desktop in search of a relevant information or a product of their need. Instead they prefer installing an app making their work easier and more satisfactory. Using a mobile app is faster than a website with loads of content, thus startups today prefer the launch of their services or products as a mobile app.

There prevail certain services and business for which a website is mandatory and cannot be promoted through a mobile app for example an advertising agency cannot expect its client to install their app and make use of their services as it requires interactions and combined negotiations while the purchase of a product is better and easy with a mobile app.

Let us focus on the benefits of the mobile apps and how it stands out to be better than a website in the digi world. Firstly the app interface and user experience plays a lead role in impressing a effective customer. The developers concentrate on the software specifically for the smartphone and the tablets and incorporate experiences that attracts more traffic and keep the customer engaged. Secondly, the mobile apps makes your business easily accessible to the clients, other than the ease of use of the app it also allows the access of the online frequent space of the younger teen which is the app store.Lastly it helps in brand awareness through an app by linking them with the social media platforms.

The use and launch of a mobile app is not a easy job done and thus it too owns demerits with negative impacts. Firstly, the development of the mobile apps are more time consuming and are often expensive than a website, thus developing a website for the start-ups is more preferable than the mobile apps. The development and maintenance of the store at the same time is complex compared to the website.Thus it is recommended to build an effective website than a mobile app during the initial stages of your business.

A well-developed, organised and designed app or a website lets the client earn traffic with success. Both a website and an app plays a vital role in a success of a business, ReelSlug is a creative agency composed of experienced designers who follow a structured format in the design process building you sophistication and great user experience apps and websites. Build your imaginations with our creative designers.

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