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Colorin Studio is a creative platform initiating an urge to think, the art way.

They host a range of art products and art services that we use in our day-to-day lives. They also cater to the needs of the budding artists.

We are proud to say that we have been a part of their successful journey. We delivered them our web designing service which became an instant hit with the clients and their target audiences.


Colorin Studio hosts a number of products and services related to fine arts and art supplies. Upon getting to interact with this organisation we understood in depth about their needs from our web designing services. These services included understanding design requirements, researching and building ideation, initial sketches of website design, creating wireframes, adding style tiles, prototyping, finishing and final output deliver.

 With the help of a deep and detailed discussion about our client, it’s services, target audience, the purchases and some insight on the business, we proceeded to the next step of ideation for the blogging cum e-commerce site.



After a proper analysis, we presented our understanding of Colorin Studio to our web designers at Reelslug. First, they focussed on the User experience design and came up with a basic flow or a site map of the website enlisting what they are, their various services,art works and blog posts, etc. along with the creation of business models to understand how they work, attract customers and sell products.

After the site map was created, the User interface designs were taken into account to make the web design look attractive,compact, and user friendly. This process of web design was done in accordance with the client’s needs and whether it would suit their vision and goals.  


From the various prototypes that were designed, we came up with the best web design that encompassed all their needs, which explained what Colorin India stood for. The web design had creative signs and symbols used for their services provided by them with responsive design,and with different supporting images and artworks. We were also successful in delivering end to end e-commerce solutions suited to their business models.


This current web design has been garnering a lot of engagement with their products and services ,and great reviews after this wonderful,easy to navigate, compact and user friendly web page with creative logos was designed. It’s a huge success in our Web design service, which we are proud to mention about in our achievements.



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