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Today in the cluttered digital age customers are exposed to 3,000 marketing messages a day online, broadcast and print which has attention span of less than 9 seconds. The customers today are bombarded with floodtide of communications, it is important to grab attention and stand apart from your competitors. Imagine handing over a business card, leaflet, brochure, letterhead etc. That lacks uniqueness, will in the trash within no time. Thus brand identity designs rocks your brand identity  and in spreading brand awareness. The challenge is to develop great appeal in print media that grabs the attention of not only your client but also the people who meets your client. A good business stationary – brand identity designs creates an eagerness within the viewer to know more not only about the brand but also the designer or agency. Business stationery – brand identity designs is not only a business identifier but is also an effective marketing tool. Business stationery & brand identity designs is an effective tool in increasing a company’s public visibility.

Unique brand identity designs and quality business stationery is the first introduction face of your company that presents the company in a positive manner, we present you with the optimism of your brand. We accept that the business cards is carried to different areas by the potential client and selling starts at this point, thus we help you build your business stationery in the most appealing fashion. Securia, as the name suggests sells security related products along with its installation services, wanted to establish a powerful communication through business stationary inclusive of business cards, letterheads, leaflets etc. which lead them to approach us. They demanded business stationary that reflected their brand image and created a powerful visual impact on the audience. To start with the business stationary creating a persuasive logo is the job half done. The team excellently came up with a logo that defined what the brand offered to its customers. The next was construction of effective business stationery which was ought to be error-free. Business stationery, according to us should be unique to the company with distinct logo, memorable, high-quality and should reflect the professionalism of the company. Thus we creatively emerged with a business stationary which showcased the professionalism of the brand creatively.

Unlike others, we primarily focus on the high impact business stationery that communicates the image our clients want to convey. Enquire  how! 




Securia wanted to “Stand out”; The brand identity designs & branding exercise helped the client to place the brand in shorts span.



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