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Brochure design Are you the one who love the rustle of the books? OR stepped into an Ikea store and asked for a manual? If yes, we are happy to know that print media is still celebrated leaving behind the monstrous internet engulfing print. People today still exist who prefer the information to be felt not via screen but via paper and we embrace them. Print plays a very important role in marketing as it is sustainable and acknowledged more and stay in the minds of the customers compared to other mediums as it is tactile and can be felt which remains longer than just the visual medium.

In branding, brochure design is the complete information provider about the brand, its history, its products, location etc. Since decades the brochure has been in circulation successfully. When designed correctly the brochure can be tangible tool to marketing efforts as it provide a major amount of information to the target audience without any distractions. In such situations designing a brochure design plays a crucial role in branding. Brochures are versatile and can be designed in the most creative manner connecting it to the brand identity.

We are pack of talent who embrace technophobes by providing them with the same valued information as to the techlovers. SEG (Seega international LLC) tools is a import export company in the sultanate of oman, reached us after questing for creative minds. They assigned us to develop brochures that would help them to woo their customers in order to create boost their business. They aimed at not only the tech-savvy but also the grandmothers and old aged who hardly had the knowledge of online information and preferred hard drive. Our team through a series of brainstorming sessions came up with creative brochure design ideas that reflected the brand identity and narrated the brand story.

Brochures are often taken home and can make the customer remember you brand seeing it regularly. A unique and creative design is often appreciated and helps in building a strong relationship with the customers throughout. Hence we developed a brochure design and also a impactful logo that would attract the traffic wherever placed as well as force the customer to read the content inside. Brochure is the information packed in a small area with powerful impact on the customers.

We are an agency who live the tradition and follow the trends in the world of creativity.

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Sega Oman LLC


Sega wanted to create a brand with represent only tools, we brought the meaningful identity in “SegTools” logo, Brochure design & other corporate branding designs.

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