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Today, we survive in a world where people no longer prefer reading via print rather they prefer gadgets. It is very difficult for the print media to survive in this world of digitalization but not impossible.

Publication design is the road which leads to development of an extra ordinary print media experience.

Magazines are the only print media that is in so much demand even when the internet is haunting its existence. Presently the popularity of a magazine is measured by its design, graphics, the texture, typography as well as the pictures used. To develop a good publication design the designer should be familiar with the content as content informs design and design yields content.  A successful publication design is the one which shapes the content, imparts tone to them, creates an aesthetic around them and sets the mood and tone of culture.


A good design has the strength to portray a bad content into a interesting one, we are a team capable of creating the unique and appreciative publication design which talks about the brand story and elicit your readers to follow you. Logevity is a health magazine in search of creative designers who could build a brand identity, help them market through social media, web design as well as design them a magazine. Our team switched themselves through a series of magazines, their logos and publication design in order to develop uniqueness as well as to study their competitors in the market. We soar successfully developing a typographical logo and related identities along with a traffic attracting social media pages and well communicated web design.

Publication design was pivotal as every element of the design had to fulfill certain purpose and also showcase the brand story. Brainstorming tables came to our rescue, our team created mockups of every idea that hit the brains and thus we stuck to the most logical design that would connect the brand with the audience in every page, coming up with a layout which would enhance the content with hierarchy that would help the readers for easy understanding avoiding cluttering and confusion. A perfect placement of Balance, Contrast, Focus and Unity develops a good publication design.

We are riders of creativity who ride on the roads of design principles and follow the design rules unless we are aiming for a unique adventure.


Longevity – The Health Magazine


Readers attracts with layouts first so getting attractive designs were our challenge.

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