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More than two decades ago, a new idea was born, an idea with a vision of developing software differently. The revolution was brought by RED HAT, with a mission to be a catalyst in communities of customers, contributors and partners creating better technology the open source way. Today, they deliver a comprehensive portfolio of products and services using the same open, collaborative business model and an affordable, predictable subscription.

Project Goal

The audience today believe in going digital and are always on a move and they confront themselves with mobile application platforms to get there. The use of mobile phones, tablets or any other mobile devices help them have all the information they are in need of. Thus mobile apps have gained priority in today’s market. It is important to understand that the mobile apps allow the customers to get the information on their fingertips. And, it is important the app works on multiple app platforms. Irrespective of what business you are into a mobile app plays a major role to get and retain target audience. We stand in a world where awareness about a product leads the customer to go online and get more information about the same.

A business with a good weight of information online and a mobile app that the audience can download in their devices can add a star to your business. Mobile apps are the kings in the field of marketing as they help build brand loyalty, reinforce the brand, increase brand visibility, increase brand accessibility, increase sell-through, increase exposure across mobile devices and connects the brand with on-the-go consumers. A mobile app establishes a win-win situation for both the brand and the customers as it not only benefits the brand but also the customers. They can have easy access to your inventory, get notifications of offers, sale, launches, events etc.; have one touch access to contact information, get directions to your location, make fast, seamless appointment scheduling and much more.

redhat approached our team with a purpose, a kickass custom built mobile app which would enable the Sales Team with all the relevant information of RedHat’s product/ offerings. The objective was to create a simple yet interactive mobile app that would comprise of all the currently available information in a presentable manner to their clients via mobile app. ReelSlug’s User Experience Designs team created a screen flow which which Redhat fell in love with.

The solution

We are aware that today around 2 billion people are an addict to smartphones. Today carrying a smartphone is not about trend or status, it is a necessity. This necessity has been realized by every other person linked with marketing and brands. Competitors are no less when we talk about mobile apps due to which people have started judging the entire usability and appeal of the app as well. The battle to stand out from your competitors becomes tough in the current scenario and, we are a bunch of ordinary yet creative ones who study the current trends in terms of color, fonts and interactive elements; keeps a check on customers need and wants etc. We keep track of the problems faced by the users and develop a solution for the same. Thus we developed a platform for Redhat to showcase their information to their clients in a more creative, sophisticated and professional manner via the app design developed by the team.

In the upcoming years the world would be ruled by these tech- savvy but ReelSlug’s user experience designers are no far in matching up with the needs of its client and standing out from its competitors.


User Experience Designs – Redhat India

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