A DESIGNER’S STORY | How the Design Develops?

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A designer brain is often bombarded with a huge number of imaginations and verbal concepts by his clients who are logical brains and fail to understand the rules of design. This bombardment often leaves the designer exhausted and troubled and most importantly blank. A designer observers everything and anything around him to draw inspiration from which could help him visualize the concepts and imaginations of his clients and mold them into what is called a design.

Let’s step on the process a designer follows in his everyday life in order to satisfy the clients.

Brief the brains

This is the most crucial and the initial start to the designer’s job of the day. The design process is very important and thus squeezing all the required information from the client makes a difference. This is the stage where the client briefs the designer his demands, imaginations, and expectations in the end result. The designer often requests the prospects to fill out a questionnaire that covers the basic information about the client and it also helps in generating a price rate.

Wear your Sherlock Mask

The client once brief’s you and fills out the questionnaire, the second stage is research.The brief alone is not done you need to dig deep into the client’s business, a designer before starting with his designing phase seeks information about the client’s competitors, the point of difference, target audience, market, trends and future mission. A designer is very keen on studying clients competitors to avoid developing similar content or concept. The process is followed to make an exclusive and unique design that matches the client’s requirement. Researching about the client’s working environment and process gives a 360 angle and helps in generating ideas that fit the environment and follow the latest trends.

Let the storm begin

The phase of briefing and research open up ideas and creates a space to brainstorm the ideas onto the paper. Brainstorming helps the designer to put down all the ideas and make connections and decide upon what exactly is appropriate for the brief proposed.

Brainstorming helps to keep the designer focused on all the elements of design at the same time be it the color, concept, typography, size, proportion, shapes etc. brainstorming is the means through which the designer makes options and ideas of delivering all the elements in an appropriate manner.

Sketch down the ideas

This is the phase where sketching out the rough sketches in order to visualize the ideas takes place. It is the beginning stage of materializing the ideas either on the paper or digitally in the computer. Once the imagination has been sketched down the quenched creative ideas and option are sent to the client for their feedback and approval. This process eliminated the step of redoing things and helps in saving time. Though the process of sketching looks lengthy and time consuming it is the most effective method generating quality work.

Construct your design

This is the stage where the designer uses all the years’ experience, intelligence, design knowledge, and talent to bring out the perfection and satisfy the client. The designer sketches several versions of the sketch or the idea selected by the client incorporating the usage of color variations, typography, placement etc. The designer updates the client every minute changes in the design to receive their feedback before finalizing the design.

Presenting & Refining

Once the design is finalized the implementation phase where the design is presented. Developing the design in the right file format whether for print or to be uploaded on the website is initiated. It is then sent to the client to review the end product and give the feedback on the same. If the design covers the brief’s objective then it is good to go.

Production stage

This is the stage where the design has been approved and the designer handovers the design to the client or the third party for further production of the same.

A well-developed organizes and designed project lets the client walk out satisfied without any complaints or regrets. A designer plays a vital role in a creative agency and holds a huge responsibility in visualizing and creating the imagination of the client perspective.

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