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The art of making your website user-friendly, simple and easy to use is known as UX – User experience. One has to observe the online customers regularly to understand the needs, wants and the habits of the online user. The rule followed is extremely simple, you make it simple- they stay and you dare to make it difficult – they leave. Though the appearance of the website matters the user-friendly makes it work.

What are the steps to be followed in order to generate a user- friendly website and why it is important? A well-organised and structured designer begins it all with studying the market, his competitors and the using pattern of the audience.a process is followed where the elimination of the usability issues takes place and thus it is known as the wireframing or prototyping. A wireframe is simply a design of the website in pencil sketch defining the structure, flow, content and the functionality of the website ignoring the visual elements like color or any other design elements that distract the eye.

Build experiences that solve the pain of the customer. Successful websites are always customer-centered to the core. They are constantly looking forward to solving the problems of the customer while using a website. The customer would love your website and stick to it for the simple reason that you freed the customer from the pain he was suffering while using a website.

It is always important to incorporate simple features on your website that helps your website to be user-friendly, build the features that are easy to use and are better than the competitors. Just follow the norm of ‘Simple is always better’. After all user experience is all about the end user’s comfortability to use the product or the service.

Content plays a crucial role in keeping the customer engaged and running away from the website. Fresh, original and interesting & interactive content along with easy readability is a major step in building a user-friendly website. Too many things on the screen distract and leave the customer confused thus the menu tabs should be kept as simple as possible with easy navigation buttons. Clutter-free navigation is ultimately a simplified navigation which does not require much thinking leading to a user-friendly website. Lastly, speed up your site.  Today patience has been deleted from the lives of many and nobody has the time or appreciates a buffering website. Today it is very important to have a speedy website in order to please your target customers if the user fails to witness your website just because it took longer than your competitors’ website would simply lead to your downfall.

UI UX Designer always understands the user experience and designs the product according to it. It is very important to keep these steps in mind while developing a user-friendly website for better functionality and experience.

A well-developed, organized and designed app or a website lets the client earn traffic with success. Both a website and an app plays a vital role in a success of a business, ReelSlug is a creative agency composed of experienced designers who follow a structured format in the design process building you sophistication and great user experience apps and websites. Build your imaginations with our creative designers.

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