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User Experience Design How Important it is? | ReelSlug COMM

User experience design; matters 

The world today is on the tip of our fingers, whether it is searching for information, paying bills, transferring money, purchasing a product, filing complaints and what not. While carrying out the mentioned activities have you ever felt a need for a simplified app or a website or have you faces difficulties in achieving your intended actions or results? If so it is the result of poor User Experience Design (UX). User experience design is an integral part of the design process of the web or an app design from the initial stage of the launching of the final product. But User Experience Design (UX) is the coward who refuses to be in the limelight unless something goes wrong. User experience –UX can be defined as the experience of the user when interacting with the digital product. UX encompasses a number of factors including usability, accessibility, performance, design aesthetics, ergonomics, utility, human interaction and marketing, some which are under the control of the designer while some just user preferences. Usability plays the key component of the overall User Experience Design (UX), it speaks about the effectiveness and the user- friendly levels of the design but UX is something more than just the usability.

Emotional Connect

User Experience Design (UX) is the experience and the emotional connect the customer is bond with while using the product or the site. Why has UX gained importance in the digital era? In terms of design, User Experience Design (UX) is as important as a visual identity. No matter how complex is your service or your product User Experience Design (UX) is the only element which can help you sell successfully with easy navigation for your site. User Experience Design (UX) is important for any digital products, but the value is increased in terms of certain digital products like complex sites or applications, certain retail and online sales, startups and small businesses that are expected to last for a long time.

Digitally people

Today where the world has grown and is expanding digitally people demand more than a good product or service. They demand for an ecosystem which is user- friendly, easy to navigate and appealing at the same time. Gone are the days where the knowledge was less and competitors few, today people are prone to an informative environment at any time or place, thus there is no space for mistakes or unpleasant designs. People today are well informed and build a level of expectation which when not met is attracted to where it is met. It is very important to build an environment which delivers the brand promise at every touch point and User Experience Design (UX) is the bridge delivering the company’s promise to your customers.

We can help 

Reelslug communications is a bunch of creative brains who hold an experience in communicating a brand story to the target audience with every single touch, with their unique composition of User Experience Designs (UX). It begins with the common goal of solving a problem with the principle of collaborative design and opening the process to the team creative professionals.  The goal is to build a connection and experience for the audience- simple, credible, surprise, formal or emotional. The experience should deliver the brand story successfully connecting with the customer’s emotions. Pretermitting User Experience Design (UX) while designing the site will end up the site being sloppy which will lead to losing out the traffic. Hence enrollment of the User Experience Design (UX)helps you to build a structured and classy website which is easy to use and navigate attracting traffic to your site or product.  They are innately talented in building creatively successful stories for the brands they worked for and promises to continue the same without any hesitation. User Experience Design or UX is the visual identity of your brand story do not compromise.

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