Importance Of User Interface Design

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User interface design, What it is?

People today are searching for a streamlined display with simple functionality from the modern advancing technology and are looking for incomprehensible mix of jargons and undesired buttons. Thus User interface design (UI) has a pivotal role to play. UI design simply means acquiring the customers, retaining them and deterring them from ever returning. User interface design (UI) predicts the flow of the customers on website and assumes the tasks they might opt for and ensures that the interface has the elements that are easy to access and can facilitate the tasks. User interface design (UI) is the composition of visual design, interactive design and informative architecture.

It is evident that users spend longer period of time on the apps  those are similar  like the e commerce websites  due to which they become familiar and comfortable with the pattern, flow, rules and the interaction followed. Taking this into consideration and designing your User interface design (UI) is helpful in increasing the usability. Following the pattern doesn’t give you the license to plagiarize the design, it’s just the means through which you could familiarize yourself using the same UI pattern.

Consistency Matters 

Consistency can be the hero of your User interface design (UI) design if played and used strategically following certain rules. It helps the target audience what they are looking for easily without an extra waste of second as they don’t have to initiate their brains to perform and register new processes as it will be registered already. This naturally keeps your customer engaged, makes them comfortable, happy and return to your site often. Consistent User interface design (UI) design imbibes strong communications. The usage of visual consistency to prioritize the content, make it navigable and highlight the important bit will help the site attract more traffic. Consistent User interface design (UI) design not only helps easy navigation and spares the risk of confusion but also evokes an emotional bond between the customer and the brand as the customer is confident about his abilities to find the needed without facing any difficulties.

Capture the attention

The approximate time to capture the attention of the users is 5 seconds and if the UI is composed of crowded screen and overflowing elements it can cause difficulties for the customer to navigate and ends in the customer never returning to the site again. Use clear and explicit messages to avoid the frustration in finding the relevant information. The usage of unambiguous wording for messages and labels in your UI design will help reduce the time spent in search of the information needed. Pay attention to the placement while designing the User interface design (UI), enhance the overall structure by grouping tags and labels with simplified information.

We can help

Reelslug communication is a bunch of creative mavericks who have a insight in structuring suitable User interface design (UI) designs for your brand. We play by the rules and break the rules creatively only to enhance your brand labeling it unique and successful. There team keeps a track of the latest trends in the world of User interface design (UI), the demands and needs of the customers, the consistency followed by the target audience which in turn helps to provide you the best, simple, easy to use, and sophisticated designs which help you sell, sell and sell.

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