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Branding Helps 

What do one thinks about when he or she hears the word, Nike? The first thought is not Nike. Inc., but shoes. The name Nike. Inc., is the associated product brand known as Nike shoes. This equation of name to the product is branding. A brand name establishes trust, authority and an image for its customers. Branding is the idea that anytime anyone hears about a brand remembers the product it is associated with, which is called brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

It all begins with understanding the customers- existing and potential as branding is customer driven. Branding is composed of three essential steps, firstly ensure that the brand meets the customer needs and demands, secondly establishing the brand firmly with a brand image and lastly to elicit the favourable response of the target customer to the brand identity. Branding is stated as a way to build a reputation for the company. Branding plays a major role in benefiting the buyer as well as the seller. Branding helps the buyer in identifying the product they like or dislike, it helps in identifying the marketer, it reduces the time of purchase, it helps the target audience to evaluate the quality of products, and helps them impart psychological rewards. While in the case of the sellers, it helps them to differentiate their product offerings from that of their customers, it helps foster brand loyalty and facilitates promotional efforts.

It is not just a graphic element

Branding is not limited to just the logo or the graphic element. It defines the entire customer service. Branding helps your brand grow in many areas of the market in varied ways. Branding promotes recognition, people often prefer companies who familiar in the market, a consistent and easy to recognize branding can help the target audience to be more confident while purchasing the product. Branding helps you stand unique from your competitors, the competition today is global and not confined to the local stage hence you have to build a strong brand identity to stand a step ahead of their customers. Your brand conveys the business DNA of your brand to the audience through your logo design, websites, visiting cards etc which clearly speaks about the company you are. A strong branding creates referrals, people love to tell others about their love for the brands and hence it generates traffic.

A good branding connects with people at an emotional level and helps them stay loyal with the brand. A strong branding helps in building a strong business value beyond the physical assets.

Stand out 

ReelSlug Communication is a composition of branding expertswho with their design knowledge and creative brains create innumerable unique identities for the brands fostering them to stand unique from the competitors. They perform with a strong belief t that the best branding is built with an idea, an idea supported by strong commitment, performance and deliverance.

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