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Vehicle branding or Vehicle wrapping is the babe in town which helps in advertising rolling. Vehicle branding plays a major role in brand awareness and is effective means to grab the attention of your audience without any limitations. Which is also cost effective. Vehicle branding or vehicle wrap design is a highly daunting and emerging means of advertising today where the vehicles are revamped with effective brand graphics to grab the attention of the viewers. But again, branding the vehicle sometimes is crucial as less effective and wrong place of elements could degrade the brand and its identity.

Vehicle branding also known as vehicle wrapping gives you means to open up an opportunity for your business during every traffic jam and proves to be cost effective as it lasts for a longer period of time, is on the face of the target audience, no long term investments are involved and spreading of message is never limited.

Researches prove that the reach of the vehicular branding is more compared to the other types of branding advertisements. A study shows that 98% of the people travel in a vehicle weekly out of which 91% of them notice the branding on the vehicles and among those 35% of them keenly observe the graphics on the vehicles. 56% of the people consider the company to be successful and renowned while the remaining 29% would decide on having his or her brand on the vehicles rolling.

Marketers have found out that vehicle branding is the top ranked means of advertisement when compared to magazine, outdoor, newspaper and direct mails, with less investment and more reach. A vehicle branding is composed of balanced placement of design elements portraying the brand identity along with the brand logo and a effective tagline. The design should also include the social media channels, contact information about the brand, the services provided by the company, a call of action and promos or discounts.

A well-developed, organised and designed vehicle branding  lets the client earn traffic with success. Vehicle branding and graphics plays a vital role in a success of a business, ReelSlug is a creative agency composed of experienced designers who follow a structured format in the design process building you sophistication and great vehicle branding designs . Build your imaginations with our creative designers.

Check our proud vehicle wrapping/ vehicle branding design for Karnataka State Police – Highway Patrol vehicle here

Vehicle Branding for Karnataka State Police

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