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Gone are the days when people used to visit the real time store to gather information about the product and service offered by a particular enterprise. Today we are surrounded by the ocean of digitization, when consumers prefer the easy accessibility of the information through their smartphones or tablets whenever and wherever possible. Patience is no longer an existing word in the digitization dictionary; this has encouraged the growing usage of hand- held devices which lead to an increase in the number of websites and apps that are fully compatible with all the hand-held devices. Designing a user friendly mobile app is not a piece of cake, one has to play by the rules. If not it will lead to blunders hence failure of the brand. Thy user information forms the most important aspect while designing an intuitive user interface design for a mobile app. knowing the brand its requirement and its mission along with the expectations of the end user from the mobile app created is another element to be taken care of. Keeping the end user in total control of the user interface design will help increase the visitors count as well as downloads of the mobile apps will be at its peak.

We own clouds with silver lining; one among them is that of Intuitive User Interface Designs of mobile apps. SalesGo Leads with a mission of introducing a mobile app that would lead management tool which improves lead conversion ratio by assigning, tracking and updating lead information as and when it happens, approached our team to make it happen. Their requirement was to develop a stunning mobile-friendly business app with intuitive user interface design. User interface design is not everybody’s cup of tea but our team is the owner of this cup and cultivators of this tea. We play by the strategic rules when it comes to User Interface Designs.

We gain knowledge of the customers and theirs business operations is by seeing through the eyes of the end user. Hence we design the User Interface Designs for the mobile app by stepping into the shoes of the end user and coming up with quick design ideas. We judge the effectiveness of the intuitive user interface design by being the end user, thus through this strategic move we were able to come up with a mobile-friendly user interface design with easy usability and highly interactive. We helped them revamp their brand identity which would boost their brand awareness to broader areas helping them to flourish.

We are makers of a good intuitive user interface design backed by learnability, efficiency and simplicity. 

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