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Ever visited a store that wins your heart not because of the product but by its appearance? Or felt the pull into a store due to its exquisite beauty? In- store branding is the strong communicator of your brand to the customers. Right from the entrance till the exit, everything placed inside the store helps build a strong customer relationship. For example the Hamleys store all around the world behaves as a strong target audience grabber with its immense interior and powerful interaction without a salesman. You witness kids drag their parents into the store, parents tend to distract the kids passing by the store, screaming and yelling kids to enter the store etc. are signs of successful in-store branding and marketing strategies. Similarly every brand has its own set of target audience, and to grab attention of these targets it is important to put your brand under spotlight whereby the audience is forced to notice you amongst your competitors which is possible only through strong in-store branding.

We are perfectionists chasing excellence, we believe every accomplishment starts with a decision to try and thus stamped ourselves in in-store branding too.  It all began when Urban Fashion Factory, a high-end fashion brand located in kochi, gave us an opportunity to present their brand in the most presentable fashion to their target audience. They wanted to showcase their product quality and brand identity through their store. The team was laid with great responsibility of grabbing the customer’s attention, attracting traffic, and creating a strong brand identity, on their shoulders. Our team has never let down our clients and so the work stated in full swing. The team tightened their laces and set their timers dedicating best of their abilities to make the brand presentable. A sleek and sophisticated logo was developed followed by the business stationeries giving the brand a professional and quirky identity.

The job was not over yet, we were yet to deal with the climax- in-store branding. To brand inside of a store one need to cover certain information levels. Firstly the complete demographics of the target audience, secondly what the customer is looking for and lastly the brand story. A well-built combination of the three mentioned information levels sets your cake for the bake while the creativity and visualization of the same bakes your cake just perfect. We started off with the lonely monochromatic walls, we spilt the bucket of creativity making them attractively quirky. We borrowed the splashes of creativity to give a teaser of the movie inside on the danglers. Alluring promotional posters, exciting gift vouchers and informative signage were the players apart from the heroes in- store. In-store branding helps the customer register the brand in their minds emotionally leading them to be a loyal customer.

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