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Have you ever judged the person by the way he or she is dressed? It’s a human trait which is almost impossible to eradicate. Similar is the logo designs of the brand/ company, it defines you in the most refined manner. As said by Mathew Hales, “A company’s logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behavior, and values.” Clear, concise and logical logo designs provide substance to the speaker’s message. Humans are fundamentally reasonable and are capable of making decisions based on what makes the most sense. A Logo designs is successful if it is crisp, logical and is able to reveal the brand story.

A strong logo designs can evolve down the road to reflect a brand’s growth or can lead it to a new direction; we are strong followers of what Mathew Hales mentioned.  Enfini is a brand who acts as path- finders for the ambitious entrepreneurs and futuristic startups. These thought leaders were in search of a unique logo designs which portrayed their brand story to their target audience. We were assigned with the task which is the most crucial mode when it comes to branding, logo designs. Enfini wanted a logo designs which revealed their brilliance and could gain the confidence and trust of the customers approaching them along with a well-talked web design. Our team fastened their seats and refreshed their brains to create a logo designs which signified brilliance and confidence. Messing with different ideas that flashed through our brains but not so pleasing, started a search for inspiration and what could be better than Nature for one to get inspired. Creative heads believe that the nature has the best proportions with no approximation but perfections. Thus our brains were stroked with the term Golden ratio (two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities) which exists in almost everything around us. It is simply a combination of brilliance and confidence. Once the idea was finalized the next was to concentrate on the hues to be chosen without losing on the story of the brand.

As blue is the universally loved color we decided to go ahead with it but decided to choose a brighter hue as they evoked modernity and trustworthiness. Hence a great idea was transformed into a great design inculcating positive and negative spacing with golden ratio playing the lead role. The web design was created for easy approach and usability of the customers. Every element used spoke about the brand –story.

A defined logo along with a deeply structured web design becomes the success story of the brand.

We are mavericks who believe logo designs are an important element in drifting your brand to success point, we help you narrate your brand history with a well- structured logo design.

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Client carved for ‘Enfini” to bring on identity design and we made it with Golden Ratio with soothing colors

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