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Ever wondered why is branding given so much importance? Why do brands spend dollars for creating brand identity & branding? How does it help in up-lifting the brand? Have your brain bombarded with such questions which was difficult to answer? It’s very simple, branding is the road travelled to narrate the story of the brand. It is a reflection of your brand which you want your customer to acknowledge when they look at the brand.

Every element used to build your brand mirrors the journey of the brand. The most on – the- face element of the brand is the logo as it plays a major role in identifying the brand. A well-constructed logo speaks loud about the brand-story silently; such logos grab more traffic and are often unforgettable by the customer once confronted. A minimalistic, classy and meaningful design forces the customer to learn more about the brand which is the first success stage for the brand. It is said, ‘All that begins well, ends well and hence leads the brand to the path of success.

‘Design is not what it looks like but how it works’, we, ReelSlug not just say it but are strong followers.

We believe in the relevance of the Identity design story by development of a strong identity. One such success story is that of ‘Anugraha Multispeciality Clinic’, client who had a lot to offer for their customers with the mission of healing the one in pain. Our team was assigned to build a Identity design i.e. logo which portrayed the mission and brand-story of the client. The producer was confident, the script was ready it was time for the director to begin his task. Shooting without a aim is worthless, we study the story of the client and force our brains to shoot the aim.

Once the shot hits the goal visualization comes into play, all the million ideas that strike our brains are sketched, not compromising on missing a single one. Next is the selection which is often a crucial stage. We believe in perfection and errors are perished without any mercy, we depict the brand-story with the most powerful elements and principles of design.  For Anugraha Multispeciality Clinic we developed a Identity design (logo design) with three key words- Hospital which tells you what the brand is about, Multispeciality which speaks what the brand has to offer and Anugraha which is the name brand identity of the brand. A creative collaboration of the key words lead to the creation of a Logo design which successfully narrated a brand-story and is powerful enough to convey it to the customers.

The Identity design-story is often incomplete without emotions. Depicting emotions with smilies are the ways of common, creative minds add emotions through a powerful tool of colors which are infinite. Colors of a brand connect emotionally with the audience and hence it is important to choose a relevant one for the brand. Thus we chose shades of blue for our client as it nonthreatening and yet instil confidence. It is a symbol of justice, loyalty and perseverance which conveys a message about the services of the brand.

A well- build identity design story along with the well- narrated one constructs a strong brand Identity which helps the brand to grow. ReelSlug is a successful communicator of the identity design story to the audience shooting in the right direction without any trembling; we help the brands grow.

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