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How do you start your day? What is the first thing you see and repeat the same throughout? Are your answers cell Phones, internet, and newspapers etc, what if we have something more surprising? Logos are the most confronted element with a day’s start from your phone, while your commutes to work and back to the same start point. This is an example of powerful brand identity design. Ponder about how many times you come across Nike swoosh sign or Dairy milk logo. You develop a certain sense or connect while seeing the advertisements or logos. That forms a part of strong brand identity design.


Reasoning your brand logo is an essential rule to follow for a powerful brand identity design and we play by the rules. Charak is a fashion brand which during its idea stage envisaged their trust on us to build a well-constructed brand identity.

The only requirement set worth was to reciprocate them being a unisex fashion garment industry while developing the brand identity. Our troop was all set to start the timer and get the brains ready to run. The next hours were dedicated to brainstorming, iterations and generations.

The game was played around the key words- fashion which is showcased by the floral shape as florals are a part of fashion since ages and trend setters often was developed from three intersecting circles, each intersecting circle were tagged women, men and kids determining the term UNISEX. Secondly the alphabet C was adopted from the merging intersecting circles and placed in the initially formed floral pattern without losing the floral brand identity design. Lastly the brand identity design process was completed by adding life to it by means of colors.

The colors red, yellow and pink were used for men, women and kids consecutively which adds a bonus point for the brand identity of a brand. The colors are intended to reveal about the identity of the brand, simply put how the brand wants to portray itself to its target audience through its brand identity design.


We strongly believe that any company can instantly gain a level of differentiation, credibility and professionalism by developing their brand identity, regardless of their size. For your brand identity to be successful it has to, however, stand out in a positive and dynamic manner like that of making a good impression, we help you create a dynamic impression through our creative minds.

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