People tend to buy products that reflect an image of what they want to be which is conveyed only when the product is well branded. Packaging design plays a vital role in increasing the sale and is the first point of contact with the customer’s and the product.

Cooper Corp is a leading and developing engine manufacturer, who learned the importance and need for Packaging design and unique brochures to increase their sales and hence they chose ReelSlug to help them in the most creative way. A spiffy Packaging design make a customer try a new product line even if they are unaware of the product or brand. It is the most important element in a product launch or a re- launch – it is design that has to function and look appealing at the same time.

It has to protect the product inside, has to allow easy distribution, give information about the product inside and draw attention to itself on the shelf among its competitors. No matter how good the product is, lack of good packaging design &packaging might keep it out from selling.

Our mavericks known to give their best, played with their creativity without compromising on the rules of the packaging and came up with a beautiful packaging design, attractive and functional. The main elements kept in mind was protection, materials that keep the product safe while transportation and the overall look of the package.



Another effective information giver is the brochure, it is the most effective way of providing information about the company and their services to its customers without internet. It may be hard to believe in this age of digitalization there are people who believe in hard drive. Brochures can be effectively used to back up a sales pitch, used at trade shows or left in your reception. It gives your client something to look over it while waiting in your reception area, take home and refer to later or pass on to friends or family. Hence a creative brochure helps the client to remember the company because of its uniqueness, you have to be unique to stand out from the crowd.

Think different has been the motto of our creatively built agency and thus we revamped the definition of brochure and developed a unique 4-  fold brochure which easily grabs the attention and would never be left unread by the passerby. Packaging and brochure are theaters which are capable of creating and effective story. We successfully knitted the designs for the customers to go wow.

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