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Would you prefer pizza hut menu without mouth watering pizzas and desserts on them? Or fairy tale stories without the fairies? Who would like it that way? Well, not us.

Science has recently proved that the human brain grasp content with illustrations faster compared to the ones’ lacking them, whereas mavericks were always in love with illustrations. Simply put, it is the tool which attracts the audience by complementing the content. Due to the fact that good illustrations and well framed text in an organized manner attract the viewers and get seated in the minds quickly, more and more writers try including illustrations that complement the text. Incorporating illustrations leads to the enhancement of idea of any piece of writing, be it the children’s learning book or project report for the client.

We believe an illustration that doesn’t express a distinct idea is a poor illustration, we make the written communication into a most communicative one through our creative visualizations. Kk builders are one of the real estate development companies based in Thiruvnanthapuram. They approached our team with an intention of making their project report in the most appealing fashion to be presented to the customers. It wasn’t a easy task to make a content interactive and interesting to keep the audience engaged. It was important to study the text and the brand before the initiation of any element of graphics. Our team stood stern challenging ourselves in creating illustrations that complemented the content, developed a layout maintaining the identity of the brand which would help the audience connect with the brand throughout. Creating a catchy, crisp and brilliant visual impression on the prospects can force them to stop and take a closer look. A winsome, harmonious, original, thought in an easy, artistic and natural illustration can help the audience grasp the points and uses of the product or services in a most effective way.

We are illustrators who are capable of transforming the least effective content into the most appreciated ones with our skills.

Leave your next project report design to us and see the difference!


KK Builders India Pvt LTD


Than usual project report designs, the client wanted to build a design that sells.

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