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In this competitive corporate word it is necessary to put the best foot forward. Your business should be spotted all around, should be the one carrying the spot light. Marketing today has been made so popular that marketers find new ways of promoting themselves and one among them is promotion through events. Branding is not confined to logo, tagline, symbols and promotions anymore; it has stepped into the world of events as well. Event branding today plays a vital role in promotion of a brand as it showcases the brand story, its identity and its mission and vision to a large number through the event, thus it is important to come up with a well-organized, creative and traffic attracting graphics.

Event branding comes into many elements of event.  Event branding can be initiated way before the event date through  teaser emails, save the dates, invites, confirmation and info emails, event registration websites, press releases, social media campaigns and other promotional channels such as blogs and targeted advertising avenues.  Event branding is the silent communicator without a salesman to explain about the brand, its services or its products. The role played by the event branding can have a huge impact as the event is often participated by the media and a large number of people inclusive of the target customers.

Stepping into new levels of creativity and creating history is often what we look forward and Woodsoft was one of them. Woodsoft are helping hand for those who are into wood business via their user friendly app. Though owning a brilliant idea their reach was poor due to the lack of brand awareness and their services, they found a solution for the dilemma which was to make people aware of the benefits of the services they own, which could only be possible through an event. Today where the world has moved a step ahead in all genres just conducting an event would not attract traffic and thus we leaped into the field of event branding to help them out with a tinge of creativity. Studying the requirements of the brand the team was excited to set the spark of event branding into fire. We developed attractive wall graphics without losing the brand’s identity, to attract the target audience without any second thoughts. We inscribed the event with creative T-shirt prints, personalized mugs, heart- warming invites, informative flyers and exquisite brochures. Event branding can make or break the event hence it is compulsory to be extraordinary.

We structure you events with the best of our creativity gifting you your success through our event branding strategies.

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This was the second spell which ReelSlug supporting “Woodsoft” on India-wood Expo which conducted at BIEC



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