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Have you ever come across websites that force you to take another look at the website that made your hair stand stiff, knocked your socks off and forced your eye balls out? Stunned by the designs you waste no time to right click and scrutinize the source code to find out the genius brain behind the master plan. You know what we are talking about? Web design is a widely used broad term that encompasses various tasks in form of web pages. Enticing visitors, providing knowledgeable information about the brand, reflecting the brand identity etc should be the goals of the web design created for the brand.

Website is your brand representation without a salesman and hence the web design should be developed in such fashion which is interactive and keeps the customer engaged. It is necessary to consider the design elements along with the color palette, logo and the font that tells your brand story, while developing the web design. A quality web design can have a huge impact on most areas of your brand’s digital marketing strategy, so it is important to consider the various elements in conjunction with one another.
A person doesn’t need to be a genius to pinpoint a bad website design, we stand firm in rescuing our clients from this disgrace. A person without the technical knowledge may not be aware of the technical malfunctions but with specific elements deteriorating a sites quality, can be sensed by a common man and may lead to the ignorance of the website which ultimately causes downfall of the brand.

Brand Story

HastaVarna Studio is a women’s high-end apparel brand which is mainly focused on delivering fashion to the women today in the most organic way. It’s a firm worth describing as it is not only a hand- crafted apparel brand but also motivates weavers by sharing profits. The brand acquainted us with a intention of creating a complete brand identity form the hero of the branding – the logo. They wanted us to weave their beautifully imbibed brand story into a spectacular brand identity. Beauties are always loved and our team was excited to weave the identities. We pushed our gears and started our works with designing of the logo. We were successful in creating the logo which was inspired from the keys words- hand- crafted which was portrayed through the close fists shape which forms the wings of the butterfly, feminine which is depicted through the butterfly- often symbolized as feminine. To elicit the emotion earthly has been inculcated to showcase the brand story. Well begun is half done, we had a well narrated visual identity now it was time for the brand to sell. We had to develop a strong marketing platform for the brand to connect with its customers and build loyal customers through web design.

The website design should be narrating story of the brand, should be interactive and easy to use, design elements should all be intact and more to go. It was a tough one and our team comprises of strong creative skulls and we were ready to set off. We added another feather in the cap by creating a well-defined web design that defined the company without any defaults. A web design that connects in the most productive manner.

We create history with your brand story.

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