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Did you know that out of 7.3 billion populations in the world, 2.3 billion are active social media users? Or internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts? Using Social Media Marketing can help your brand grow regardless of what you sell or whom you are selling it to. At this point of game, not having an active social media account presence is like pulling out a flip-up phone at a wifi free zone and playing Sudoku alone missing out the fun of playing online with different people from all around the world.

But some still own flip phones, and dig in their heels and say, what is an effective social media marketing going to do for me? Do I really need it?

Yes you do. Creating a social media page is similar to taking a well-framed and timed selfie. You want the world to like and get inspired, but begging and playing for the same is not tolerated. A well-place social media posts can bring about a lot of difference. It helps in driving the targeted traffic, it helps in booting the SEO as there are search engine geniuses who are aware of the page in earning traffic and which once are floating, forgotten and ignored. It helps in direct interaction with your clients without third party. With the help of effective social media marketingyou have an opportunity to get insights daily which in turn will help you improve and flourish. It is a platform where you attract target audience, solve the queries instantly and earn loyal customers.

About Client:

Awareness has always been a major key to success for any creative idea. Bestwish.in was an idea by bunch of free spirits who put an end to cake hunt during occasions. They gathered best cake sellers of Bangalore under one roof, just few clicks away, offering a wide range of choice with supreme quality.

Bestwish.in would have been just an idea if it was not familiar with people and hence we took charge. It was looking for a platform where it could promote itself and come into limelight making people aware of its existence, benefits and services to offer.

What we did:

We ReelSlug supported them through promotional deliverable with effective social media marketing. Our team came up with creative banners and posters of what their offers, which helped them bloom. We helped them stimulate their sales through our poster announcements and their attractive offers, during Valentine’s week, time of the year when love is celebrated, reminding people to choose Bestwish.in to make their celebration a memorable one. Social Media is visited the most during occasions to wish, convey regards and celebrate with family and friend, it is the time when audiences are confronted with what the wants to show them. Thus our team successfully composed posters with exquisite illustrations that would compel the scrollers to have a look and end up in trying the service.

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