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With the  Theme of spreading colors everywhere  we have created Brand identity for A Color-In initiative Rang de Bharat- a noble cause with a prime motto of educating art to young lings


A Coloring India initiative, “Rang De Bharat” is an initiative by an enthusiastic team that has volunteered to learn through teaching art. Schools, NGOs and charitable trusts, and other organizations constitute the area in which we function.

Innumerable ideas crowding the minds of children are being shown a window and in the process many doors and new paths would be built.

While teaching the basic lessons of drawing, We aims to lay the foundation for a platform of building mutual learning and respect, garnering inspiration and ideas and bridging the gap between ideas from every nook and corner.

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Photoshop skills 70%
Illustrator skills 44%
Pencil Sketching skills 44%
Corel Draw skills 80%
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