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The Milestone of Visual Identity Design

Every company has a story to convey. Creation, management, organization; everything is done for a reason. To convey a story or to tell the history there is a need to develop an identity. Cultural identity popularly known as corporate culture allows governing the strategies, positioning and influences decisions, which forms the initial step in forming a brand identity. Second phase is the visual identity which gives a depth to the company and helps the target customers to recognize the company and its services getting connected with the brand story.

A composition of unique and well defined name, logo, font, color, signature style forms the visual identity of the company. A well-defined visual identity successfully conveys the story of the company and also conveys the message it wishes to convey to its target audience.

The catalyst that boosts your visual identity is the logo. This key element forms a strong base to the structure of the visual identity which helps in brand awareness and increasing brand loyalty. Today, a company no longer builds its business solely on its products or services rather the image that it conveys to the audience plays a major role in the success story of the company which is majorly through its Visual identity.

Building a precise and explicit visual identity forms a strong foundation of the brand, we build foundations with creative technology and anti-failure graphics. Firstmile was to be positioned as the group company that owns businesses in consulting, assessments, recruitment, staffing and “high tech training, consulting and niche talent for startups and SMEs”. To build a strong relationship with their customers they realized a need for a strong, precise and exquisite visual identity. They approached our team with great enthusiasm and expectations, they longed for perfection. Our team stuck the brand story to our brains and started on the adventure to create error-free visual identity. Brainstorming several ideas without moving away from our aim we accomplished the requirement of error-free logo and anti- failure visual identities. The developed visual identities fulfilled the requirement of being simple and recognizable, lending a personality to the brand and standing out from the competitors.

We are a pack of enthusiastic creators who have your surmise – ‘a strong visual identity creates a sense of belonging and reliability’, confirmed.

‘Firstmile has a long way to go as it is looking forward with its expansion with Consultgenie, InterviewWIZ and Hackstreet; and we look forward to create strong visual identities with assured success.




Building a precise and explicit visual identity forms a strong foundation of the brand



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