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Web App UI Design / Brand Stationery Design / Web Design

Web app User interface design (UI) has to judged in the way of simplifying it. A great and simple User interface design helps user to use the web app or mobile app without hassle. Thus users comeback to the app and use it. Today we have over crowded app store and play store and people really confused to judge which one is good. Thus, user interface design plays a major role in Mobile app and web app designs.

The process

A brainstorming session with team leads and designers; we have sketched the flows or user experience design on our sketch books. And defined a user experience flow combining all sketches we did.

Yes, this part is really important; any great user interface design or any graphic design needs a key sketches first, you may call it wireframes.

As green is the universally loved color we decided to go ahead with it but decided to choose a brighter hue as they evoked modernity and trustworthiness. Hence a great idea was transformed into a great design inculcating positive and negative spacing with golden ratio playing the lead role. The web design was created for easy approach and usability of the customers. Every element used spoke about the brand –story. A defined logo along with a deeply structured web design becomes the success story of the brand.

We are mavericks who believe user interface design (UI) is an important element in drifting your brand to success point, we help you narrate your brand history with a well- structured user interface design.



Client want to trash his old-fashioned  web UI & web app with clean and less complicated manner.




Web App User Interface design & Branding | GoMotive

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