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Brand Promotion for Cosmosurg

‘Beauty is not flawless, it shines even through your flaws’, hands up who agree this. What if we say we have a solution for your dilemma.  Yes, you heard it right, Cosmosurg is a destination for those who are looking to up-lift their confidence and look fab.

They are the warriors with medical excellence and experience in cosmetic surgery who brandish their knowledge to make you feel good. They aim to provide safe, affordable and ethical cosmetic surgery treatment following international standards protocols, we are organized to help you without any fail. Cosmosurg  is the choice as we believe people who look good , feel good.


Read through the total brand promotion journey we went.


The story began when a group of professionals under one roof, called Cosmetic Surgery Banglore, finds a need to do the same what they were doing for their customers. They felt a need to revamp themselves, to scream out to their customers silently what their mission is, this is where they felt a need for us. Are you wandering why? Because beyond just a memorable logo branding increases the value of the company provides direction and motivation to the employers, and helps acquire new customers easier.

It improves recognition, creates trust, supports advertising, builds financial value, inspires employees and generates new customers. We keep a track of the current marketing trends, competitors of the brands we work with, new promotional techniques and the perception of the customers. Hence ReelSlug had a supporting role in the story with huge responsibility. The responsibility of reflecting what the band was doing to their customers, creating a brand identity & design among its customers and transferring their promise through their identity.

Creating a brand identity & brand promotion has never been a easy task and our team is well-known to handle the tough.


We decided to give the hero a personality and thus we came up with a quirky name ‘COSMOSURG’. After bombarding the brains with words and choosing a catchy, easily remembered and most importantly A well- defined name for the brand next was giving an identity to the name developed i.e the logo. It is the reflection of the brand which is refracted to the customers. Through series of brainstorming our team decided on the logo which was simple yet brand identity defining.

Once the identity of the brand was developed our team was keen on developing perfect, sophisticated and attractive collaterals and signage; a simply amazing website and well promoting posters, banners and leaflets. We are no way behind in following the trend of digitalization and so apart from the print media advertising, we excel in online marketing through social media networks and also SEM(Search engine marketing). Cosmosurg was well promoted through SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We master the most attractive ways of brand promotion through our creative minds because we believe without promotion something terrible happens which is NOTHING.

Identity Design Process - Options

Final Brand Assets

Recommendations  by Great Minds

  • WoodSoft Product Launch at IndiaWood 2014 was an instant hit. Reel Slug were instrumental in delivering the complete solution all the way from Design, Execution and Final Delivery. What I like about ReelSlug is about their passion for perfection and on time delivery. ReelSlug is extremely cost conscious and delivers high value for your budget. These guys have amazing attention to details. Even in a chaotic environment, the guys at Reel Slug maintain their composure and have an calming effect on the entire show. Overall, Reel Slug is a perfect partner to conduct events, exhibitions, product designs and marketing campaigns.


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